The true value of any company in the service industry is its people. MES is fully aware that the experience of its staff is the foundation of its success. The company gives great importance to securing high-calibre personnel and puts many resources towards finding the right people. MES is also cognizant of the ongoing imperative to train and empower staff.

A good employee needs to have a positive attitude, a creative spirit, and the ability to contribute effectively in an organizational setting. Certain traits exemplify these qualities for success in our business, which can be summarized as follows:
  • We prefer employees with progressive attitudes, with a will to improve conditions for themselves and for others. Such persons are valuable to the company with their strong willpower and drive to make changes happen.

  • Of benefit to the company are also strong foreign language abilities, an open-mindedness, and keen cultural awareness.
To those persons who meet the stringent requirements, the company offers a performance-based reward system and advanced training programs. MES puts also great emphasis on know how transfer inside the company and has developed a mentoring and trainee program, which facilitates the in-house training of junior staff.

If you are interested to join the team, please contact us.
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