International Asset Management

MES offers Iranian high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors access to a wide range of foreign asset management products. Starting from US$ 100,000 Iranian Investors are offered various innovative fund products in all major currencies (Euro, US$, GBP, Yen) in the international stock, bond and currency markets. The products range from low to medium risk. MES does not involve in the sale of any high risk products. MES provides detailed information and professional advise on the various products available and assists in liaising with the selected foreign bank.

Starting from US$ 500,000 Iranian investors can become part of the most exclusive segment of asset management – PRIVATE BANKING. Specialist of our partner banks will develop for each investor an individually managed portfolio of securities, resembling their exact requirements.

Our strategic partners in this regards are Coutts – Bank von Ernst, Switzerland and Bank Medici, Austria.

Last but not least, MES is proud to introduce Fin4Cast – a new and highly sophisticated asset management product for institutional investors. Fin4Cast is the world’s first fully automated asset management software developed by Siemens. Once tailored to the exact requirements of the institutional investor, it manages without further human input stock, bond, currency or commodity portfolios in international markets applying complex investment strategies that offer optimal risk / return combinations (hedge fund strategies, etc.).

International fund managers such as Morgan Stanley, ING or WestLB have developed funds solely based on this software which enjoy already an 8-year track record of superior returns. Fin4Cast allows Iranian institutional investors, planning to invest a minimum of US$ 20 million outside Iran a low cost / low risk opportunity to create their own international portfolio.

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